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Sale Escrow Opening Sheet

Grant Deed

Inter-Spousal Grant Deed

Affidavit Of Uninsured Deed

Straight Note

Installment Note With Interest Included

Deed of Trust

Substitution of Trustee And Full Reconveyance

Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant

Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer Between Parent and Child (Prop 58)

Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfers From Grandparent to Grandchild (Prop. 193)

Claim of Person(s) at Least 55 Years of Age For Transfer of Base Year Value To Replacement Dwelling (Prop 60 & 90)

Disclaimer: Professional Escrow makes the various forms available without warranty, express or implied, regarding the use or suitability for any particular situation. You should seek legal counsel if you have any questions concerning which form is appropriate for your transaction, or if you need assistance in the preparation of such document.


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